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You want to be informed of the latest developments in the world of meetings, events, and incentives?

BBT Online -, is the online magazine that brings you the latest and most interesting updates!

Our monthly Take5 newsletter brings you the newest trends and products, insider reports & comments, views, as well as a variety of articles on destinations and subjects close to the heart of the MICE players.
Our readers work mainly in the Benelux. We have over 10,000 professional contacts in Belgium and 10,000 in the neighbouring countries (the Netherlands, France, UK and Germany).

BBT Online organises two B2B Speed Date Workshops every year. We invite 50 qualitive national and international suppliers: convention bureau's/hotels/meeting venues/DMC's etc to Belgium, and bring them into contact with the top Belgian Buyers for one-on-one meetings.
All of our editions sell out in a flash.  They're the perfect way to network with potential (new) business partners.


The people behind bbt online:

Karin de Graauw 
Bruce Taylor
Jonathan Ramael
BBT Online

Bruce Taylor Journalist



Jonathan Ramael Journalist

Charles-Eric Vilain XIIII
Ellen van Ree
Joëlle Yana
Charles-Eric Chief Development


Joëlle Yana Journalist




Joëlle Yana Webmaster




BBT Online Short Profiles

Meet BBT Online’s international team of workers and writers. They are from many different backgrounds and nationalities, but they all share one common passion – The world of Meetings and Events.

Karin DegrauwKarin de Graauw is Dutch, but has lived and worked in Belgium for 30 years. She started in the hotel business with Sheraton and then joined BP as Travel Manager for five years when their European Headquarters was still in Brussels.

From BP she went into magazine publishing and by 2001 was already convinced that the future of travel industry news & information lay in the internet. She created BBT Online.

As an online magazine, BBT Online is both comprehensive and unique. Today, 13 years on, Karin has established it as a leading source of business travel news and MICE views, information and above all ideas, and it reaches far beyond Benelux to more and more MICE decision-makers around the world. It is a media which is honest, immediately accessible and does not rely on trees or postal services.

Karin is married to a Pakistani American and has a son, James.

Karin won the MPI’s  award ‘MICE Personality of the Year 2006’ on the 13th of January 2007.

lor Bruce Taylor is 50% English/50% American. Born in the USA in the small village of Nassawadox on Virginia’s Eastern Shore, he was brought up in the green and pleasant countryside of Southern England..

Bruce has worked in the tourism & meetings industry for over 40 years (Ed. My God, he’s ancient, sorry experienced!). In 1970 he joined the British Tourist Authority (now VisitBritain) and worked as an Overseas Director in five major European markets – based in Madrid, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Paris and Brussels respectively– before changing course in 2000 to become a travel & meetings industry journalist, communication consultant, copywriter, business school lecturer, moderator, specialist in international marketing for small businesses… name it!

After 18 years in Brussels, Bruce has moved back south to Madrid where he first started his overseas career, thereby completing a full circle! This, however, does not preclude frequent return visits to Brussels and BBT Online.
His wife Carmen works at the Spain’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and they travel frequently to Belmonte de San José, their small village in Southern Aragon. Their two Anglo-Aragonese ‘kids’, Sara & Mark, both enjoy modern stressful lives and careers in the US and UK respectively..In his few moments of leisure, Bruce is a keen amateur chef and makes a mean Spanish omelette...….

Jonathan RamaelJonathan Ramael, born and raised in Antwerp, holds master degrees in Strategic Communication, International Relations and Visual Culture. Despite those credentials he started working as a journalist, copywriter and photographer in 2009. He joined the BBT Online team in 2010 and has been writing and traveling for us ever since.

His articles and pictures were published in several travel magazines, newspapers and websites in Belgium and the Netherlands. In 2014, he started working as a photographer for the city of Antwerp, making footage for their various publications.

When he’s not working, he likes to play music, have a drink, make pictures, read a good book or discover the world one small step at a time.

Jonathan still lives in the center of Antwerp and will probably stay there for quite a while longer. Currently, there's no wife or kid to be found.

Ellen van ReeEllen van Ree started her writing career as a child, a long time ago, by winning a writing contest initiated by a Dutch newspaper.
In her twenties, she worked as a fashion editor for one of the biggest women’s magazines in Holland: Margriet.

Playing with the alphabet as a freelance journalist suited her more, so she focused on lifestyle articles for lots of big name glossy magazines.

About 18 years ago, she discovered the world of MICE  and contributed her skills to magazines like High Profile Events, MICE Travel and EventBranche, all in the Netherlands.

Ellen is passionate about traveling. It’s no wonder she has frequently visited all five continents.
When she is not going on or returning from a trip, you can find her in Amsterdam, where she lives with her dog and cat.

CEVilainXIIII Charles-Eric Vilain XIIII is active within the meetings industry for over 20 years. He worked for 14 years as a city marketeer for the Brussels Convention Bureau and was for 3 years Managing Director of the Lille-France Convention Bureau. He made Lille the very first DMAP accredited European convention bureau. He’s been an active Member in various Meeting Industry associations such as MPI and DMAI. He was President of the MPI Belgian chapter 2001-2002 and has been a nominee as MPI Chapter leader of the year 2001-2002. He’s still member of the European MPI Foundation. He’s been a regular speaker at meeting industry events on destination marketing related topics and on CSR.
From 2008 to 2010 he was the Chair of the European DMAI (Destination Marketing Association International) Advisory Council and was seating in the DMAI international board of directors. In 2010 he created EFSMI, the European Forum on Sustainability in the Meetings Industry.

Today Charles-Eric runs his own Destination Consultancy company. He’s co-founder of Alex & Alex, a champagne & chocolate concept and organizes interactive Champagne & Chocolate tastings.

Charles-Eric is still an active sportsman: he plays hockey, golf, skiing and croquet. He’s particularly interested in politics, wine, discovering different cultures, music, theatre and new technologies.


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