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Monday, December 18th 2017.

Something Funny?

Funny women falling The Netherlands welcomes Trump in his own words
Funny women falling The nasty woman - Randy Rainbow Song Parody!
Funny women falling Funny women falling
BBT Online B2B Workshop, 5 July 2016, Strantwerpen BBT Online B2B Workshop, 5 July 2016, Strantwerpen
Megan ne comprend pas le 22 mars Megan ne comprend pas le 22 mars
“Slap her": children's reactions “Slap her": children's reactions
De grappigste bloopers op de Nederlandse TV De grappigste bloopers op de Nederlandse TV
Ski triple jump Ski triple jump
Christmas Fails Funny Christmas Fails Compilation
hoe dom kan je zijn hoe dom kan je zijn
Air New Zealand Air New Zealand
People are awesome People are awesome (Summer 2015 Edition)
Honda CRV Creative Ads | Honda CRV
Obama Obama's BuzzFeed Video: Selfie Sticks & Cookies
St Barts Runway Overrun St Barts Runway Overrun
Jingle Bells Kmart Commercial Show Your Joe Jingle Bells men In Boxers!
Fiat 500X Official Fiat 500X teaser - blue pill
Bear Huge Bear Surprises Crew on EcoBubble Photo Shoot in BC
Friesland Friesland, Holland’s newest and least explored meeting destination
Fasten your seatbelt Fasten your seatbelt
Paperless future The paperless future
How will you do something funny for money? How will you do something funny for money?
No pants subway da No pants subway day
fail compilation I gave my kids a terrible present
fail compilation News anchor fail compilation
Skyfall Unlock the 007 in you
Beer Gentlemen, gentlemen… the things you will do for a cool beer!
contrex The perfect motivation to loose weight
Heineken The world can briefly stop turning
glasses It does help to have your glasses checked
canada Not funny, but very very beautiful
iPAd They call it iPad Magic, we call it the best and most inspiring fun presentation we have seen in a long time.
Apeldoorn Always consider your options!
Why Women Stay Single Why Women Stay Single
murphy's law Murphy’s law is inevitable
horse Don’t bet on the wrong horse
car Buying a car from an old lady
kiss Virgin couple shares first kiss
Corean This is not funny, but a beautiful story. Yes, they do exist, real Christmas stories: one cannot help but be moved to tears by this amazing young Korean man: Sung-Bong Choi. The whole team of BBT Online wishes you a Merry Christmas!
kid Poor kid, but one cannot help laughing
mouse No, this is not the end ...
aliens How to attract aliens
condom commercial Think twice
Old lady Old lady gets pulled by dog
wealth All the wealth in the world means nothing compared to ...
Final destination Final destination
class Economy or Business Class?
elevator The elevator ...
massage No, it’s not what you think it is  .....
happy So happy together ....
Carlsberg Carlsberg stunts with bikers in cinema
eddy Don’t judge too quickly
Blond Let the blonde jokes begin I
Blond Let the blonde jokes begin II
A romantic date you think?


Not funny, but a fantastic video on the progression of information technology.

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