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Promote your venue or destination with Virtual Reality


Why organise a site visit when potential clients could experience the full scope of your venue or destination from the comfort of their own office? Wouldn’t it be nice if every attendee on your event could enjoy the same “front row” view? This and much more is exactly what the Oculus – a state-of-the-art set of virtual reality goggles by Nextar Entertainment – can provide you with.


Limitless possibilities

The Oculus comes with a wide range of possibilities and uses:
  • 3D representations of setups, venues and products can be uploaded straight into the device, allowing your clients to step into the design in virtual reality – as if they were discovering it in real life.
  • The layout of a presentation to be viewed in the Oculus can be designed from A to Z: from the space and the speaker’s platform to the background and the lighting. You can tailor-make the whole atmosphere from the ground up.
  • Powerpoint presentations can be livened up with 3D animations, and a presentation can be pre-recorded in 3D in front of a green screen.
  • Put your delegates straight into the action. Imagine a medical congress where the attendees can follow an actual surgical procedure in VR.
  • Questions can be asked directly into the VR system, and the participants answers can be presented in a matter of moments.

The Oculus is the perfect tool for selling your product in a brand new way, and could also take your events to the next level. Quit living in the past, try it out and step into the future!

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