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TAKE5 gives you an update on the latest Meetings, Incentives and Business Travel related news. It contains short and to the point information on venues, people, happenings, lifestyle and general news that cannot wait to be told! BBT Online guarantees you 15 new ideas in just 3 minutes. Enjoy our 71st edition.
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The new economy class?
Fun with Oman at Spa Francorchamps
economy class

So, would you like to fly to your next destination on something that looks like a bicycle seat, without the folding table in front of you and without any back support at all? No? Well, then check out the patent Airbus just requested to save a few extra bucks and tremble in fear.

As if economy class wasn’t uncomfortable enough already.

Last July, BBT Online joined Glenaki’s Travel Angels on a visit to the 24h of Spa Francorchamps, where the Oman Racing Team took part in the competition.

Oman’s Ministry of Tourism took us to the paddocks were we could meet the drivers for a drink, a BBQ and a meeting with the handsome Ahmed al Harty: top driver and a star in his home country. The party afterwards lasted until early morning. Good fun!
Look smart with a wearable
smart smart

Do you already own a wearable? No? Don’t know? No clue what a wearable is? Let us tell you! Wearables are smart glasses, watches and wristbands. According to a report made by CSS Insight, a total number of 9.7 million of them were sold worldwide in 2013.

The report also predicts that in just four years, more than 175 million wearables will have flooded the market. Furthermore, they say intelligent bracelets and watches will become this year’s preferred Christmas gift. Maybe they’re right, or maybe some very smart smart-watch developer paid for the research. We’ll never know, unless our watches get smart enough to figure it out by themselves to then tell us.

Connect through food
New event venue in Brussels

Do you love eating? Are you a very busy (or lazy) person? Can’t cook a nice dish if your life depended on it? We found just the site for you! works like a charm.

Just type in the city where you’d like to have a meal, click the search button and out comes a list with possible local cooks who’d love to feed you or teach you their cooking style at the right price.

Brussels btw, is very well represented. Asian and Indian cooks are especially abundant. Try it out! Connect through food.
Le loft

Le 202 – a stylish loft in Brussels close to the Avenue Louise available for a wide variety of events – was renovated this August.

The owners were also working on a completely new event venue/film studio in the capital, directly next door to Le 202. It will be an industrial looking venue with 1.300m² of event space, 5 modular rooms with daylight, and ample parking nearby.

Keep an eye on their site for updates:
New: Belgian Chocolate Village

ChocolateGood news for chocolate lovers (read: everyone). The former Victoria biscuit factory in Koekelberg was transformed into a wonderful Belgian Chocolate Village. Developed by the local Koekelberg commune, the Belgian Chocolate Village holds 900m² of chocolate history, culture and activities, including a tropical greenhouse with cacao trees.

Visitors can attend demonstrations by chocolate-makers, try their own hand in preparations and of course enjoy chocolate products in an attractive tasting room. Chocolate workshops can be organised for up to 20 people. Tastings can be held for 50 guests. 300 people can attend a cocktail party. The village opens on 20 September.

Destination Report:
Two different sides of Poland
Destination Report:
Enjoy a real Swiss winter in Arosa!
PolandThis June, our reporter Jonathan took a trip to the South of Poland. He visited the wonderful city of Krakow and then ventured into the rural province of Świętokrzyskie – try pronouncing that! He discovered nice event venues, had some interesting encounters, made a lot of pictures and ate fantastic food with some actual Polish families.

A very nice trip and an alternative for the more obvious incentive trips. Check out the full story here.

ArosaThis March, our reporter joined an interesting famtrip to Arosa, organised by the Switzerland Convention & Incentive Bureau. By connecting to nearby Lenzerheide, the combined ski resort is now suddenly one of the biggest in Switzerland. Lots of suitable MICE venues are available on site as well.

Need some inspiration for the coming winter? Fly to Zürich and then take a train to the province of Graubünden. The scenery alone is worth the trip. Click here to download the full article.

Brussels Airlines is mixing things up

Brussels Airlines is doing well. The numbers from the past six months were all going up. The efforts made to compete with the new low-cost carriers at Brussels Airport seem to be working.

The newest addition is the Check&Go formula, another answer to the low-cost competition. You’ll travel without luggage, for € 69 all-in. Check&Go passengers can bring up to 12kg of Brussels Airlinehand luggage (2 more than Ryanair) and can pick their seats when they check in online. The other formulas will be upgraded (especially concerning the catering service) and will get a new name: Light&Relax, Flex&Fast and Bizz&Class. The base fare for the (standard) Light&Relax formula will be raised from €99 to €109. If there are seats available, you can now actually change to an earlier flight: a very good idea.

All of these upgrades come with a new slogan: ‘We go the extra smile’.

BBT Online’s 5th B2B Workshop
B2B Workshop B2B Workshop
B2B Workshop B2B Workshop

Planners, suppliers, performers and the great team of Holiday Inn Brussels Airport in specific, for making our 5th B2B Speed-Date Workshop a very satisfying event! The weather wasn’t exactly on our side this end of August, so we couldn’t use the Holiday Inn Brussels Airport’s beautiful Skoj Beach, but we had a lot of fun nonetheless.

You can check out the pictures and the selfies made by the planners on our Facebook page.

Our next workshop will be in early 2015. Save the following dates: 12 January and 31 August 2015. The locations will be revealed when the time is right. Early bird rates for suppliers are already available. More info via

B2B Workshop B2B Workshop
B2B Workshop B2B Workshop
Real Short !!

SITE Belgium & Congres Bureau Friesland invite Incentive and Meeting planners to Friesland on 18-20 September 2014! Visit surprising venues, take part in some traditional activities and revitalise yourself in the picturesque surroundings of Friesland! Interested? Send a mail to The trip is free of charge for SITE Belgium Members!
26 September, Faculty Club Leuven: Inspiration Seminar 2014. Organised by, this seminar offers two dynamic 40 minute presentations by Filip Muyllaert, full of original ideas for planners: new hotels, locations, destinations and events. You can attend in the morning or in the afternoon. A lunch is held between the two (identical) sessions.
30 September – 2 October, Bangkok, Thailand: IT&CMA and CTW Asia-Pacific. As always, BBT Online is a media affiliate of this interesting double-bill event, showcasing the best MICE and Corporate Travel experts in Asia.
1 October, Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Brussels: TM Future Day 2014. TM Future day is a technological platform for the Benelux travel industry, offering seminars and workshops. More info via:
The Spanish DMC Global Star Events managed by the Belgian Carla Witpas & BBT Online invites Incentive Agents to Ibiza from 9 to the 11th of October.
An intensive program will be waiting for you: Ibiza glamour, Ibiza beachclub's, Ibiza Hippie, White Ibiza with different ways of transport over land and sea.
Interested? Send a mail to
Workshop Tahiti: 13th of October in Namen. 14th of October in Antwerp. Inscriptions and more info:
The Switzerland Convention & Incentive Bureau will organise a Summit meeting in Brussels on Wednesday 15 October from 6 pm. It will be a very savoury evening as they will have the Best Cheese Master of Belgium present and a selection of spectacular sites will be provided by their Swiss Partners. More info:
23 October, Le Grand Salon, Beersel: Etihad MICE Event. An event for Belgian MICE Agents, organised by Etihad Airways. The programme is being finalised as we write this. More info via:
23 October, BELvue Museum, Brussels: Lucien Barrière Workshop & Cocktail Evening. Save the date for this stylish event organised by Lucien Barrière Hotels to present themselves to the Belgian MICE market.
14-17 November, Rotterdam: SITE Global Conference 2014. Join over 300 incentive travel professionals from over 40 countries for three interesting days of networking and education. Register via the website:
3 December, Jeux d’Hiver, Brussels: Workshop Spanish Tourism Board. An interesting MICE workshop with walking dinner, where 17 Spanish convention bureaus present themselves to the Belgian market. Inscriptions and more info:

Ever wondered what the ideal holiday temperature is? No? Well, we’re going to tell you anyway! According to a survey conducted by among 1.700 Belgians, it’s exactly 25.95 °C. This would make most Mediterranean countries actually too hot in summer. Alternatives closer to this ideal temperature would be Central France, The Southern Alps and for example Hungary. Makes you wonder who paid for this research, of course.
The 10th Switzerland Meeting Trophy, organised by Switzerland Tourism, was once again won by the proud Belgian team! During the competition, 84 participants got the chance to discover Switzerland and its congress facilities on a route going from Lugano to Zürich via St. Moritz
Want to see a really big figure? Here you go! The economic impact of the US meeting industry is just over 770 billion US Dollar. This according to numbers from 2012, published in a 2014 investigation made by the Convention Industry Council.
Crowdfunding is quickly becoming a popular way to raise money for a cause or event. wrote an interesting article on how to do it successfully as an event professional. Read the full article here.
Why park your car all by yourself if you can be lazy and let an actual robot do it for you? Sci-Fi? Not really! Travellers flying from Düsseldorf Airport can do exactly this! When your journey is finished, your car is returned at the time of your arrival, based on your licence plate and flight data. Changes in your flight schedule can be passed on through a downloadable app. Roboparking costs € 29 per day.
The new iPhone and iPad will soon be here. While the iPad will have a touchscreen of no less than 12,9 inches, it’s the iPhone’s possible price that gets the most comments. According to several leaks, Apple is thinking of asking a whopping € 950 for their new device. Almost €1.000 for a fancy looking phone. The world we live in these days…
The European Travel Commission published a new edition of its ETC Bulletin. Click the link to download it and to find out more about the ETC’s research, reports and articles on the world of international tourism.
Looking for events & venues in the US?Take a look at, a great website for MICE Planners interested in the United States as a destination. It offers a very user friendly search engine for venues, suppliers and general news or ideas, all divided into several US cities or areas. You’re certain to find a hidden gem on this one.

In the not so distant future, losing your suitcase while travelling will become close to impossible. As your luggage will be equipped with a tag connected to your smartphone, you can check its location when it gets lost. It will also facilitate the check-in procedure. Air France-KLM will start a practice run with these Fasttrack eTag and eTrack systems in December. Your suitcase might still be in Schiphol after you landed in let’s say Sidney, but at least you’ll know where it is!
Short on cash, but still want to fly somewhere far away? This is the site for you! Fill in your maximum budget and starting location, press the button and lists every flight that fits your bill. Who knows how far you’ll be able to go with a couple of hundred euros? does the same with, obviously, hotels.
IATA’s Word Air Transport Statistics, offering a complete statistical overview of the aviation industry, confirms Ryanair kept its position as market leader as far as passenger numbers go. The Irish carrier transported 81.4 million passengers to their destination in 2013, almost 29 million more than Easyjet, at second place.
United Airlines became the first U.S. airline to offer customers the ability to scan their passports to check in for international flights via their iOS and Android mobile devices. United is offering customers the opportunity to use passport scanning on the airline’s mobile app as the carrier completes testing.
British Airways launches ‘Hold flights for a fiver’. For only €5, you can hold your preferred flight for 72 hours before booking permanently. This gives you some time to make sure you chose the best flight for the trip you’re planning. When you book within those 72 hours, the reservation fee will be transferred back to you. Intercontinental flights take €10 to hold.
Emirates now flies directly from Brussels to Dubai. The new daily service (leaving at 2.45 pm) vastly increases the choice and comfort of Belgian travelers.

Worldwide hotel rates have – according to the Hotel Price Index (HPI) – risen by four percent during the first six months of 2014. This compared to the same period last year.
Antoine Pinto and Jan Janssen are opening a new concept at the end of this month in the heart of Brussels : the Ponti Belgian Coffee

Laughing is good for you. Click here, and enjoy.


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