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NEW: B2B speed-date workshop on location – abroad

Game, set, match for BBT Online. BBT Online would like to thank Justine Henin and her team at 3Square Club Justine Henin, and all planners & suppliers for making our 7th B2B speed-date workshop a workshop to remember. If you had your business portrait taken, please contact us via for a full-size version of the photograph. All of the other pictures of the evening can be found on our facebook page here.

We hope to see you again on our next workshop in the new Pentahotel in Brussels on Monday, 11 January. Save the date and be there! Registration is already possible as well as for suppliers as planners.


A small collection of our guests during the workshop. To see the rest of the pictures and to see those who had the balls to play against Justine, go to our FB page, and scroll down.

Everyone following BBT Online for a while already knows: we always try to be trendsetters and want to come up with innovative ideas.

That's why our second B2B speed-date workshop in 2016 will be held on location.
What will change? Not that much actually. The only difference is that we'll take a plane for all suppliers and planners. The workshop will go on as usual, with the only difference that after it's done, we can go crazy in Ibiza and organise a party. We'll book a hotel and fly back to Belgium the following day.

Interested as a supplier/planner? Let us know via The date is still to be decided, but it will happen somewhere in June 2016. We will come up with an exact date as soon as possible. A workshop with our feet in the sand: what could be better?

Ibiza Ibiza
We publish much more news than what you can read and see in our monthly Take5 Newsletter. Follow us on our Facebook page.
Get lost (in a corn-maze)!
Magic for a good cause

Since the end of August, you can drive to the border of Putte & Heist-op-den-berg (near Mechelen) to get lost in a giant maze. Five kilometre of winding little corn-alleys will keep you busy for hours (or forever, if you’re not good at it).

It might be handy to print out this aerial pic and pack an extra bunch of sandwiches before you go.

The power of videomapping

Looking for a way to entertain your guests while they’re waiting for the main course? Videomapping might be a good and original option.

This clip shows funny – projected - little chefs crawling out the dining tables making an imaginary meal. This amazing feat was realised by Belgian videomappers Antoon Verbeeck and Filip Sterckx.

We live in exciting times. Click here to watch the youtube clip.
Sophie Dumont

This October, the beach of Zeebrugge offers a very temporary but unique spectacle. An underground theatre will be built out of 75 sea containers.

In it an exclusive group of guests will enjoy a – what the organisers call – “ecstatic spectacle”: a world of beauty, magic and delights.

What exactly will be shown is still unknown, but a group of renowned chefsFilip Claeys, Sofie Dumont and Dominique Persoone – will join forces with a number of performers, artists and DJ’s for an unforgettable event.

Even better is that with your attendance, you’ll support the Ocean Clean-up: an innovative project thought out by Dutch student Boyan Slat to rid our oceans of plastic.

Click here for more info or for tickets.

A night on the edge of a cliff

cliffEver wanted to spend the night on a cliffside, with a view of the looming abyss below? No? Well, you still can if you change your mind. Located in the heart of the Sacred Valley in Cusco, Peru, you can go on an amazing mountain adventure including via ferrata climbing and ziplining.

You can also rent one of the Skylodge Adventure Suites, transparent luxury capsules hanging from the top of a mountain 400m above the ground. Not for the faint-hearted.

Check it out

Wish we were here!

Artotel Indonesia is small chain of art inspired urban boutique hotels. Featuring original designs by talented young Indonesian contemporary artists, it offers a fresh twist to every stay in the country.

With a powerful combo of top notch art and best-in-class service it guarantees an unexpected experience. Not historical, not traditional, but very worthwhile. There are Artotel venues in Jakarta, Surabaya and Bali.

Wish Wish Wish
Become a contemporary Noah
The first global meetings industry day

Is this the building of the future? Able to withstand everything a warming planet can throw at us? Russian architect Alexander Remizov’s Ark should be able to survive a modern day flood. It is an eco-friendly floating home that can be constructed anywhere in the world in just a couple of months.

The form of the round dome creates turbulences of air, powering the building’s wind generators. Inside, heat accumulates in the top of the structure, ready to be transformed into other kinds of energy. Greenery planted inside the building will produce oxygen and liven up the interior space.

Constructing the ark – surface space: 14,000 m² would cost no more than building a normal energy efficient house. It looks much cooler and more futuristic though.


Based on the success of the inaugural North American Meetings Industry day (NAMID) this spring, the Meetings Mean Business Coalition will expand next year’s event worldwide. It will try to bring together industry partners across the globe advocating our industry.

Designed to showcase the real impact that business meetings, conferences, incentive travel, trade shows and exhibitions have on people, BBT Agendabusiness and communities around the world, the first ever Global Meetings Industry Day will take place on April 14, 2016 and will include celebrations and events in destinations across the globe.
We publish much more news than what you can read and see in our monthly Take5 Newsletter. Follow us on our Facebook page.
Attend the Iberian MICE Forum in Lisbon

LisboaRegister as a hosted buyer for the Iberian MICE Forum Autumn 2015 in Cascais & Lisbon and gain a deeper knowledge of the best Portuguese & Spanish venues and facilities to hold meetings and incentives!

This Meeting Forum format will bring European buyers and Iberian suppliers from the MICE industry together from 25 to 27 October, to exchange business effectively through one-on-one pre-scheduled appointments. It will offer many additional opportunities to connect in a relax atmosphere as well.

Meetings in Moscow – Destination report

MCI’s Hugo Slimbrouck asked BBT Online to be the media partner for a famtrip to Moscow last July, and to invite 10 Belgian incentive planners. It would be a short but intense visit.

Moscow might not be the city topping everyone’s travel list, but it only took a couple of hours to convince all delegates of the Russian capital’s MICE value. Moscow has an amazing amount of assets.

Read the full article here and find out what they are. Click here.


All famtrip participants from left to right:
Natalia Piletskaya (Galaktika DMC), Tina Joris (Max), Eva Roels (Thomas Cook), Lydia Franken (BCD Meetings & Events), Veerle Deruyck (X-perience), Bert Knuts (Event Masters), Kathleen Vandenbroucke (Brussels Airlines), Jan Van Den Broeck (AIM International), Karin de Graauw (BBT Online), Geraldine Huybrechts (B-Eventic), Hugo Slimbrouck (Ovation Global DMC) and our Russian tour guide inside Bunker 42.

BBT Online’s Bucket list

Every month we ask a MICE personality to share their bucket list. What are the five things they desperately want to do or achieve before they seize to be, push up the daisies, kick the bucket or go to meet their maker? In short: what would they definitely want to do before they die?

This month, we asked MeetinGent’s Philippe Lefebvre (54). Here are his answers, click here.

Philippe Lefebvre Machu Picchu helicopter
This is me in 50 pictures

BBT Online’s Karin de Graauw says she’s spending too much time on Facebook, and staring too long at her little white screen. However it gave her an idea though – not copied, we like our ideas fresh at BBT Online.

Karin documented her today’s life in 50 pictures. Why not try it yourself? Don’t overthink it, being spontaneous is what makes it fun. Here’s Karin’s album for inspiration.

Karin de Graauw

I have a dream

worldI have a dream. Maybe it’s naive, maybe it’s stupid, but one can dream, not?

For years I hear that the Brussels hotels are as good as empty during the weekend. Why don’t the Brussels hotels join forces and give political refugees a room for a night or two, so that these people can feel human again. Even if it’s only for one night. To have a good night’s sleep, a good bed, a good shower, a good breakfast.
Of course it’s not easy to go back to their tents afterwards, but it will give them the feeling of being human. It will show the world Brussels’ best side as well: win-win for everyone.

And of course, Mr and Mrs politicians. Do find a solution for Syria asap! This last already 3 years. You also interfered in other countries.

ps: I might not own a hotel, but I have foreseen to shelter a political refugee at home myself. Not only parole, parole, but action.

Karin de Graauw

Real Short !!

21 September, Brussels: MPI Belgium Healthcare Forum for Meeting Professionals. An event for event professionals active in the life sciences and healthcare sector, aimed at education and exchanging ideas.
26-27 September, Waagnatie, Antwerp: Cruise Event. The biggest cruise fair in the Benelux. Discover a wide range of destinations and partners on this two day event.
1 October, NY MICE workshop in Brussels. Info:
1-13 October, City Hall, 7th district of Paris: Mothers and children of the World Photo Exhibition. Christina Drakos of Drakos DMC Cyprus is a very good photographer as well. If you’re in Paris this October, go check out her photo exhibition depicting the world’s mothers and children. Proceeds go to the Sapago Children’s Foundation.
11 January, Pentahotel Brussels City Centre: BBT Online’s 8th B2B Speed-Date Workshop. Save the date and join us for another evening of networking, education & fun! Meet more than 50 quality suppliers from Belgium and abroad. Want to find out more? Send us a mail at
Consult BBT Online’s MICE agenda, and don’t miss any event.

Eventmanagerblog published an article on how to take your event from good to great. Check out their tips here:
My Delicious Journey is a lovely blog based on the two best things ever: great food and traveling. It’s made by a young blogger named Anouk and combines nice pictures and travel reports with tasty recipes from the countries she visited. She has a Facebook page as well.

Hotel BLOOM! will host OZA this September: a creative platform for collaborations between craftsmen, designers and artists. From 10 to 30 September, during Design September, several works will be on display in the Penthouse Art Space on the hotel’s top floor.
A new pop-up bar will open in the garden of the Museum Van Buuren in Brussels. The Imagin bar will be the (temporary) place to be for gin & tonic lovers. Guests are welcomed at the museum entrance and get a tour through 3 different bars spread out on the domain. The bar is open from 3 to 24 September, from 5 to 11 pm. Entrance fee: € 30 (comes with three cocktails).
Urban Bistro Mama Kelly is an exciting new restaurants in The Hague. Its industrial interior looks fantastic, the location is great – located in an old cigarette factory - and the food is superb.

Better start that diet: Uzbekistan Airways will weigh both you and your bags before you’re allowed on the plane. For security reasons, the airline says. After some online criticism, the page containing the news was removed, but they’re not the first company taking measures like this. In 2012, Samoa Air launched a system in which the price of a ticket was determined by the passenger’s weight.
British Airways published a list of the most common lost & found items on their planes (more than 30,000 each year – how is it even possible, they tell you to check your belongings every time you exit the plane). Most common are headsets, clothing, tablets, laptops, money and glasses. Most disturbing was a wedding ring. I bet there’s a story to be found there.

Air New Zealand did it again: enjoy this funny ‘Men in Black’ parody showing the airplane safety instructions supported by a catchy hip hop beat. If they’d do this on every plane, more people would pay attention. Click here.


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