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TAKE5 gives you an update on the latest Meetings, Incentives and Business Travel related news. It contains short and to the point information on venues, people, happenings, lifestyle and general news that cannot wait to be told!

Enjoy our 91th edition. All of our take5 articles are advertorial free.

I want to travel more
Hotel secrets
travel more

‘Ik wil meer reizen’ (= ‘I want to travel more’) is a travel blog run by two young Dutch female globetrotters who want to share their experiences with the rest of the world.

Their pictures are great and they publish both travel articles and tips and tricks to relive some of your memories back home. Very much worth a look.

travel more

Hotel SecretWho didn’t love Fawlty Towers back in the day? But surely, things would be much more serious working for an actual hotel? Not always, so it seems.

For his new book “Hotelgeheimen” (Hotel Secrets), Wim Degrave spoke with hotel managers and personnel to get the juiciest stories and anecdotes we usually never get to hear.

How annoying can customers get? What are the Agendamost extravagant demands celebrities make?
What would be the cost of trashing your hotel room like a rock star?

Find out by ordering your copy here.

It’s better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation!
Glamping on a higher level
Burning Man Netherlands

‘Feather Down’, European leader in glamping holidays, adds three new farms to their Dutch catalogue. From 1 July, they will be ready to welcome new guests.

Feather Down now owns 60 farms in Europe. The new Dutch farms can be found in the Veluwe, the Nieuwkoopse Plassen & North-Brabant.

They also own farms outside of Europe, in the US or South Africa for example.
Burning Man

Burning Man is one of the more iconic festivals of our day: art, music and free love in the middle of the Nevada Desert.

Burning Man Netherlands tries to relive the same experience in the slightly less barren fields of Holland.

The event aims to bring the experience of the original to the rest of the world in inspiring and joyful ways. The next event is planned from July 29 to 31.
Picnic in a greenhouse

Want to have a stylish dinner in nature, but don’t want to take the ever-present Belgian risk of it getting BBT Favoritewashed away in a flood of rain? Why not take the middle road and have your event in a cosy greenhouse?

You can find one just 15 minutes from Brussels and it can seat up to 30 people in between the grapevines. Check out the pictures on their site.

They have a very pleasant nostalgic feel about them.

Picnic in a greenhouse Picnic in a greenhouse Picnic in a greenhouse
We publish much more news than you can read and see in our monthly Take5 Newsletter. Follow us on our Facebook page.
The new hotspot in Brussels

What did they do? They found a former art school — in an end of the century building — dusted it off, gave it some love and made it into a hotel. All of the rooms have kept the industrial vibes of the original building. They have intricate concrete roofs and exposed brick walls.

There are rooms for 1 up to 6 persons. One room can even accommodate up to 18 people. Name: Jam Hotel, a proud member of Limited Edition Hotels.

jamhotel jamhotel

Don’t forget the restaurant, and especially the rooftop bar with swimming pool. Just a 5 min walk away from the famous Place de Chatelain.

jamhotel jamhotel jamhotel
The Harbour Club Amsterdam
Comics Station Antwerp
Harbour Club

THC Amsterdam is a unique venue in a huge industrial location – an old wine terminal offering 2,200 m² of space. The food is great, there’s a beautiful outdoor terrace looking out over the water, and there are plenty of cocktails to be had as well.

There’s a car park with 250 spots available and you can even get there by boat. The perfect venue for larger dinners.

There is also a Harbour club in Rotterdam, Scheveningen and Ibiza(!).

Harbour Club
Comics Station

Comics Station – to be opened around Easter 2017 – will become the first theme park centred on our popular Belgian comic book heroes. It will also be the first park of its kind housed in an international train station.

The park will be divided into six zones, all of them dedicated to a different comic series. It will have a reading room, a creative corner, a theatre both for plays and movies and a ‘secret seventh zone’ we are not allowed to talk about. Looking forward to seeing the finished product.



New venues in Ibiza
Ibiza Ibiza

The OD Talamanca is a brand new design hotel, offering 117 rooms in retro-glamour style. It comes with an à la carte restaurant, a rooftop swimming pool and plenty of meeting facilities.

Another, completely different venue can be found on the island’s underexplored inlands. La Granja – under the Design Hotels flag – is a members-only retreat. A centuries-old stone farmhouse lies hidden in 10 hectares of secluded land and offers room for all sorts of farm-to-table workshops, a great way of discovering the lesser-known parts of Ibiza.

As you know BBT Online’s B2B 10th workshop will take place on Ibiza: 28 – 30 August. For BBT Online Club 100 members only. Interested? Mail us,


We publish much more news than you can read and see in our monthly Take5 Newsletter. Follow us on our Facebook page.
Put your event in the picture
An alternative to AirB&B?
event in the picture

Need a couple of quick gadgets to brighten up your next event? has two in store just for you. Insta Badge enhances your social strategy through image.

They will grab images from Instagram or Twitter based on a hashtag of your choice and will transform your participant’s social media photo into a customized badge right on the spot: souvenirs for and by your audience.

Strükla on the other hand, is a Polaroid-like on-demand printer directly connected to event attendee’s smartphones, inviting them to take more pics at your event.

alternative to AirB&B

The boom of the short term rental market caused housing problems in several major cities. Prices have increased while the number of properties available for long term rent have dropped. The city of Berlin even went as far to fine home owners renting their apartments on platforms like AirB&B with sums of up to € 100,000.

NightSwapping sprung to life as a reaction to that. This brand new platform swaps nights instead of money. Hosting travellers at your places earns you travel credits or nights that you can use for stays all over the world in the homes of other platform users. A good alternative? Time will tell.
BBT Online’s Bucket list

Every month we ask some prominent MICE personalities and members of BBT Online’s Club 100 to share their bucket list.

What are the five things they desperately want to do or achieve before they cease to be, push up the daisies, kick the bucket or go to meet their maker? In short, what would they definitely want to do before they die?

Nancy Vanden Berghe Nancy Vanden Berghe Nancy Vanden Berghe

This month we asked Sandton Grand Hotel Reylof’s Nancy Vanden Berghe (48) and Swantegy’s Kathleen Van Parijs (55). Click the link to see their lists.

Kathleen Van Parijs Kathleen Van Parijs Kathleen Van Parijs

BBT Online would like to hear about the Bucket Lists of the young generation. Are you under 35? Are you Club 100 member? Pls mail us on

European Association Summit 2016

BBT Online attended the European Association Summit in Square-Brussels last month. Over 120 high level representatives from all over the association industry were present for two days of interesting presentations, knowledge sharing and networking.

European Association Summit 2016 European Association Summit 2016

One of the most interesting presentations was that of WindEurope’s Malgosia Bartosik on risk management for events. WindEurope apparently has a knack for organising large scale events when disaster strikes, so they have lots of experience on the subject.

Read the full article behind the link.

European Association Summit 2016

Real Short !!

Consult BBT Online's MICE agenda, and don't miss any event.
7 July – 4 September, Foam, Amsterdam: Helmut Newton – a retrospective. Must-see photo exhibition of one of the most iconic fashion photographers of the 20th century.
25 August, Leuven: Inspiration Day 2. On this day, Meeting Leuven wants to show you some interesting meeting venues right outside the city centre. Register via mail here:
21-22 September, Suntec Convention & Exhibition Center, Singapore: MICE Asia Pacific Exhibition & Awards. The show will be focused on networking between MICE buyers and sellers.
27-29 September, Bangkok Convention Centre @ Centralworld, Thailand: IT&CMA 2016. Join BBT Online as a Hosted Buyer at the largest dedicated MICE Fair in Asia-Pacific. Send us a mail at if you want to attend.
5-7 November, Panama City, Panama: Site Global Conference 2016. This year’s Global Conference will be hosted in Panama. ‘Explore the Wonders of Panama’ is the tagline, and we’re sure the programme will be splendid.
According to certain newspapers, lots of people seem to have explored Panama’s wonders in great detail already though. Click here for more info:
23-25 April 2017, New York City: ACTE Global Corporate Travel Conference. It’s still early, but registration is already open. Click the link to register.

Do you know that we publish much more news than you can read in our newsletter? Every day we post exiting news on our FB page. Click here.
A recent survey by showed that entrepreneurs, executive secretaries, process operators, bartenders and (who would have known) truckers are most happy with their jobs. Not on the list: train drivers and ticket inspectors.
Does your company create exceptional incentive programmes? Submit your application for the 2016 SITE Crystal Awards Recognition Program and you might be one of this year’s winners on the SITE Global Conference in Panama.
Eventmanagerblog published the fourth edition of its Event App Bible, listing the most useful apps you can use to improve your events in one simple overview. Check it out here.
Also interesting is this article on how to attract new and profitable corporate event clients. Click here for the full read.
Etouches just published a roundup with some of the most respected event planners in the industry on what they see as the biggest trends for 2016. Read this interesting piece here.
Lost a lot of event pitches recently? Eventmanagerblog published an article listing 15 reasons why you lost them and what you could do better in the future.
According to Eventmanagerblog we have reached the tipping point of event sponsorship. Companies seem to no longer believe in throwing budgets at the promise of exposure. What will smart event professionals do to fund their events in the future? Click here to read more.
Are your days just too short for all the work that needs to be done? Click here for twelve tips that will help increase your productivity.
Best in Sky is a Belgian specialist in helicopter flights. They have a fleet of seven choppers that can be used for a variety of occasions, from private lessons to incentives.

A real must read for venues. "10 reasons why event planners hate venues”. Click here.
Looking for some new Antwerp hotspots? Check out and stay up-to-date with the newest party concepts, popups, concerts, restaurants, shops and bars.
Another cool event space in Antwerp is Antwerp Engineering Company, offering an industrial looking event & business centre with three separate halls on ‘t Eilandje.
The Residence Palace – right in the European Quarter – is Brussels Special Venues’ newest member. This historic art deco building from the 1920s offers eleven event areas and rooms able to accommodate up to 250 participants.

Maaike Van Hoecke will become Visit Bruges new Marketing Manager – a brand new post at the company. Maaike worked for VRT News, Radio2 and Canvas. She starts her new job on 16 August.
After four years, Thierry van Eyll will leave to start a new job as Sales for Qatar Airways. He’ll be in charge of the leisure BeLux market.

BBT Online Club 100 welcomed the following new members last month:

If you’re interested in joining yourself, don’t hesitate any longer. You will find the conditions and the existing members behind this link. Membership is linked to the person, not the company. We also created a LinkedIn group for members only.

BBT Online Club 100: the place where you meet more planners than suppliers!


Laughing is good for you. It might not look like it, but summer has officially started. Amsterdam at least, seems ready for it. Just take a look at this funny video of a surprise water soaker fight on one of the city’s bridges. Click here.


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