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The future pointed out by Richard Lamb
Richard Lamb

We’ll kick off this new series with two articles written by Ellen van Ree, our newest team member. She interviewed Richard Lamb, renowned Dutch trendwatcher, about the future and challenges of our industry.

Can we change the C of Crisis into the C of Change in 2013? How long are we going to suffer? Are we on a strict financial diet or are we moving towards so called better times?

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Blunt as a hammer

confusedEllen’s second piece is less serious, but an absolute must read. First of all because it’s hilarious, and secondly because it’s so incredibly familiar. Haven’t we all had our little moments of shame in the more high-tech hotel rooms we stayed in?

Most people; my family, girlfriends - and even my colleagues, think that I am a woman of the world because I travel so much. I do nothing to discourage this image and try not to ruin it by keeping my silly escapades to myself. But the truth is, in certain situations I can be as blunt as a hammer.
Recently I travelled to Copenhagen to attend an international event for meeting planners….

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Crowdsourcing for fresh ideas? Try Synthetron

Synthetron is a term a lot of you won’t be familiar with. It’s essentially a massive discussion where all participants are sitting behind their computers at home or in the office, following a moderator who asks them for their views and ideas. People give their own comments and vote on those of others, all in complete anonymity. This makes contributing to big ideas very fast and easy.

BBT Online’s Bruce Taylor participated in one of the sessions, and gives you his in-depth ideas.

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