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Event organising: legal issues to consider...
Legal Issues

When organising an event, there’s always a chance things will go horribly wrong.
One of the performers has an accident, electricity fails, you’re getting sued for copyright infringement... It could happen, and it wouldn’t be the first time.

BBT Online’s Jonathan Ramael decided to find out which legal options event organisers have in different areas. He went to Festivak in Antwerp, and attended a lecture by Mr. Pieter Londers, lawyer in commercial and consumer protection law at Lorenz International Lawyers. Londers shone his light on the matter by talking about five practical case studies.

For the full article, click here.

The traveler’s twilight zone

traveler’s twilight zone Seasoned and professional travellers like our Dutch correspondent Ellen van Ree have seen strange and majestic locations in exotic countries regular people can only dream about. What they mostly see though, is the inside of dozens of international airports, where they sit and wait, and wait and sit.

Most business travellers hate this part of the journey. Ellen doesn’t. Ellen loves what she calls “Nobodyland”: the transit zone between customs and the plane, where you can shop till you drop, get a massage or even meet your future ex in the airline lounge…..

Click here to read her always entertaining column.

Invitation to Meedex 2013 – Paris

LouvreAs the only media partner in the Benelux, BBT Online can invite 25 Belgian and Dutch MICE Professionals to
Meedex 2013
in Paris, organized on 3-4 April in the famous Caroussel du Louvre.

Meedex is one of France’s biggest MICE events: over 300 hotels, event venues, conference centres, DMC’s and convention bureaus from over 60 countries will exhibit here.

Our delegation will stay in the Hotel Pullman Montparnasse. We will arrive by train on the morning of 3 April and leave in the late afternoon of 4 April (We can arrange for you to stay a couple of days more, but you will have to do so at your own expense).

If you’re interested in joining us, register yourself via this link. Important: your identification code is BBT.

The BBT Online team welcomes Charles-Eric Vilain XIIII

Charles-Eric Vilain XIIIIA new year, a new team member! With much joy, we announce that Charles-Eric Vilain XIIII will share some of his weekly time for BBT Online as Chief Development Officer.

Charles-Eric is a well-known figure in the national and international meetings industry, with more than 20 years of experience. He worked for the Brussels Convention Bureau, the Lille-France Convention Bureau, was an active and leading member in various MICE organisations such as MPI and DMAI, and is the co-founder of Alex & Alex.

Charles-Eric says: “BBT Online is certainly the greenest, fastest growing, and reliable meetings industry magazine in the Benelux. I’m looking forward to be part of this evolution and to contribute to the professional development of BBT Online.”

Real Short !!

3-6 June, Shanghai: ILTM Asia. Meet up with almost 500 luxury travel suppliers from over 70 countries.
5-8 June, Copenhagen: ECM Summer Conference. The conference focuses on the impact big events have on a city. What roles do city tourist organisations play in creating and hosting events? What bids for major city events were successful and why? For more info:
Consult BBT Online’s MICE agenda, and don’t miss any event.

Check out this wonderful online travel guide we found. It gives you very interesting updates on all sorts of fairly unknown hotspots. If you’re looking for special, uniquely designed little venues, this site is ideal for you.
Wine, beer and cigar lovers should definitely check out a pleasant looking site by Eric Boschman, with weekly videos and articles about all your favourite little culinary sins.

Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts opened its second luxury hotel in Europe in a couple of months. The Waldorf Astoria Berlin is a nice mix between the timeless elegance of the legendary first Waldorf Hotel in New York, and a unique design inspired by the lively, trendy character of Berlin.
Kaai 11 is a new venue, housed in a charming historic mansion on the Scheldt quay of Antwerp’s South District. Inside are three suites with a view over the river, and one ground floor room with a private terrace. Two of the suites have a kitchen and a separate living room/bedroom, so that they’re suitable for longer stays.


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